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#Gidifest2016: D’banj, Tiwa savage, Yemi Alade, Timaya,Phyno & Small Doctor make fans go gaga

Gidifest 2016 went down well, starting from the anchors, organization and management of the event, the female anchor, killed the audience when she stepped out in  something that looked like a swim wear. That got the audience especially the guys talking about it because she was looking so hot with her hot legs and clean body. She did some romantic, seducing steps that gingered the guys and she also carried people along.
 dbanj gidifest 
The show opened with Tiwa Savage’s performance, a mother of one, who is generally accepted, killed the show with her dance steps and songs. She came on stage looking so hot in her ankara play suit and gave us all her hit songs back to back. Small Doctor’s performance was also something to talk about especially when he climbed the lighting stand to the highest level. Phyno’s performance was also badt lol, despite the fact that people don’t know his lyrics, they still sang and jumped to his song.
Then the magician came on board, Quepeller, the son of the late powerful magician, “Professor Peller” and also the brother to a well known man, who is also the owner of Quilox club, Shina Peller. He trilled the audience with his illusion. He came on stage holding a face towel, then he changed it into a black stick. That made people concentrate more on his song, waiting for him to do some of his other tricks. He sang his song ‘eleniyan’ and didn’t disappoint his audience when he changed the black stick into a flower. He left the audience screaming and clapping.
The female anchor actually said that he needs to see a doctor and that she was going to tell her South African folks about him. Then Timaya’s performance also killed it. He acted like he was high to the stage but he later said that his job was to entertain his audience and that was what he did. He sang so many songs and also sang Africa China’s song and took people back to the basics. Mama Africa herself “Yemi Alade” also geared the audience up with her comic genre of music. She sang some of her latest song and told the audience that she was looking for who will buy her ‘ferrari’ and pay her ‘salary’ lol. People danced and danced to her song before the pick up guy came on stage, Adekunle Gold. He started his performance with “sade” then proceeded to “orente” and finally sang “pick up”. It was as if his fans had been anticipating “pickup” because they sang it with so much love in them. Other side attractions came up till the final performer came on stage, “Eja Nla”.
D’banj or Bangalee, or kokomaster, depending on what you call him, came in last in his black shirt and white jean. He took off his shirt immediately he got  on sage and that made us notice his 2 wrist watches, who does that? Well, when he started singing, he called out a lady from the audience and brought her on stage. He asked the audience if her boyfriend was in the audience but them replied him with a ‘no’. The girl was so happy that she started hugging him and tweeking to his songs. She backed the audience and tweeked till she got everybody’s attention. After some time, D’banj called out another lady with a bigger b*tt and she did the same thing the first one did. Then he finally called out the last one and made it look like a competition. He told the audience to pick a winner in which they picked the first lady he called out. He gave her the sum of 50k and when he finished performing, he left the stage with the 3girls.
Another thing we noticed was the cashless policy they imbibed. On entering into the event, they gave everybody a wristband. Green wristband for the regular and orange for VIP. So you are to recharge the wristband. You pay and they fix your money in to a chip so that when you buy something, the retailer will place a phone with micro chip on the wristband, type in the amount of thing you are buying and deduct it. That will let the next retailer see how much you have left in the account.
In conclusion, it was nice, enjoyable and secured.
 Shout out to the organizers of Gidifest2016 and also to Henieken for the entertainment.