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Iggy Azalea raids Demi Lovato’s fridge

Iggy Azalea raids Demi Lovato's fridge when she runs out of groceries. Photo: Filed

Iggy Azalea raids Demi Lovato’s fridge when she runs out of groceries.

Iggy Azalea has joked she likes to raid her best pal Demi Lovato‘s fridge when she runs out of groceries.

The 25-year-old star likes to head round to the ‘Heart Attack’ hitmaker’s home to see her best pal when she is running low on food supplies, and jokes she loves to ‘harass’ the raven-haired beauty while chowing down on her provisions.

She said: ‘Demi is awesome and it’s so cool we live so close to each other because I can just roll down to her house and knock on her door and harass her and eat her food in her kitchen when I don’t have any groceries.’

But Iggy didn’t have anyone alongside her as she closed the iHeartRadio Music Awards at Los Angeles’.

The Australian rapper admitted beforehand she was ‘nervous’ about performing without a fellow artist, and insisted she is concentrating on herself after a ‘turbulent’ 2015.

Speaking at the ceremony, she told E!: ‘Everybody knows, it’s no secret, I had a bit of a turbulent 2015. I wanted to not breeze over that. I wanted to acknowledge how I felt about it, and I just wanted to say, ‘You know what? I think it’s fine if everybody doesn’t support me because I am a believer in myself.’

‘My motto is just like the song says, ‘I got me.’ Just have your own back.

‘I think we worry a lot about people liking our pages or how many followers we have, and you just gotta worry about your own thing.’

Iggy’s performance was her first since a video leaked online showing her fiancée Nick Young admitting to his Los Angeles Lakers teammate D’Angelo Russell that he cheated on her.