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Fifth Harmony Are In Peak Sass Mode On New Track ‘Voicemail’


Almost two months after releasing their sophomore album 7/27, Fifth Harmony aren’t finished doling out fresh material. (Hey, if Kanye can keep updating TLOP whenever he damn well pleases, these ladies can too.)

The group surprised fans over the weekend by releasing a new 7/27 bonus track, “Voicemail,” that’s exclusive to... Napster? Yep, for whatever reason, the throwback streaming service you probably didn’t know still existed got the coveted “Voicemail” exclusive. (Don’t ask questions, just go with it.)

As for the song itself, we’re pleased to report that Normani, Lauren, Dinah, Ally, and Camila are, in fact, fully capable of serving up more than just lite bangers. “Voicemail” is a bouncy, sassy number that sounds like something out of the late ’90s (back when more people actually called each other on the phone), with an added “all my single ladies” nod to Beyoncé for good measure.

“You have reached a phone number that is no longer in service for you / So don’t wait for me to call you back / Cause I ain’t doing too bad / Not thinking about you,” the ladies defiantly declare, putting a needy boy in his place before repeating, “You keep on calling, you keep on calling / I ignore it, I ignore it.” Um, yeah... because who even leaves voicemails anymore?!

Listen to the full track, in all its sassy glory, below.

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