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Kids/Teen channel Nickelodeon set to feature its first gay couple on one of their shows

After airing the show today July 20th, Teen channel Nickelodeon will make history as they feature a gay couple on one of its animated series called 'The Loud House'. It will be the first time the channel will feature same-sex couple.

The Loud House is a show about a young boy named Lincoln Loud growing up with 10 sisters. In the episode titled “Overnight Success,”, Lincoln will invite his best friend Clyde McBride over for a sleepover, and Clyde will come with his parents, Howard and Harold McBride, an interracial gay couple.

“This is it. Time to make history,” Lincoln says before opening the door to greet the family in an excerpt of the episode posted on Twitter. “Hi, Mr. McBride. Hi, Mr. McBride.”

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