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American rapper’s unusual album cover likened to Andre 3000

Young Thug
Thugga Thug
American rapper, Young Thug released his debut album No, My Name Is Jeffery early Friday – but what has really got people’s attention isn’t the content but the rapper’s funny album cover.
Weird cover though
Weird cover though
And as you know it, Twitter is already making fun of the cover and we thought you too should see it!
Check them out …

The combat games-inspired digs

Some praised him for it

Even American singer-songwriter, Erykah Badu weighed in, revealing that the cover reminded of her baby daddy and former Outkast rapper, Andre 3000; or ‘ATLien’ in her words

Still, some were not remotely impressed

While others were simply in awe

Although Thugga explained the importance of using his real name on the album and what it means to his children.

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