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See Clement Colour paints a picture of president Buhari

National Youth Service Corp member, Clement Colours has won the hearts of many Nigerians with his Community Development Service (CDS).

Clement Colours, a serving Corp member in Kano State who isn’t just serving but making waves with his art hand painted a portrait of Mr. President as his passing out CDS project.

Community Development Service (CDS) is one of the four Cardinal Programmes of Nysc. It’s in CDS activities that corps members contribute positively to the development of their host communities throughout the period of national service.
Just as the three other arms; Orientation course, Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) and Passing out Parade (POP) are important, Community development service play a major role in actualizing the purpose why NYSC scheme was established in the very first place; which is facilitating unity among the citizens of Nigeria.

View more photos from Clement Colours:

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