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Have you noticed that Blac Chyna cannot wait to be a Kardashian?

  1. She got herself on the cover of the infamous Paper Magazine- just like Kim two years ago


2. She has acquired a taste for fast cars.


3. According to, Kim’s Kimoji app has earned her over $100million. Not to be left out, Chyna launched Chymoji.


4. She’s all about waist trainers. Though she’s currently pregnant, she’s never been shy to show off what gives her that tiny waist, same as her sisters-in-law.


5. Just like her ex’s girlfriend and nemesis-turned-sister-in-law Kylie, Blac Chyna got into the lipkit game, showing off her range of colours on social media.


6. She has moved into Calabasas, the same neighbourhood as the rest of the family.


7. And in true Kardashian fashion, she and Rob are starting their own reality show spin-off.


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