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Jay Electronica Is The Latest Guy To Prove Why We Can't Have Nice Things


See this photo, above? The one where Jay Electronica is totally swarmed by fans, including one lucky clown who got a selfie over Jay's shoulder mid-song? Jay is swarmed by fans because he invited all of them — ALL OF THEM — up onstage with him at the 2016 Budweiser Made in America Festival in Philadelphia.

The intense crush of the crowd didn't amount to much, thankfully, beyond a quick phone call to the Philly PD once it became clear that festival security couldn't handle the masses on their own.

To his credit, Jay made sure that his fans were comfortable with the proposition before inviting them up: "If you're scared, stay out there! If you're not scared, come up here with me!" As the stage began to fill with curious onlookers, Jay kept egging them on: "Y'all scared?! Y'all scared?!"

The stage was chock full of people by the time the crowd started singing the telltale bass line of the White Stripes's "Seven Nation Army" because that is what a bunch of drunk people do when they get together for fun things in public, naturally.

It was probably the "Let's try to tear this bitch DOWN!" that got the cops on the line, but hey: All's well that ends well, and at least that kid got a sweet selfie with Jay to brag all over social media.

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