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Kylie Jenner to reportedly sue a fat-burning company for using a lookalike model on their billboard

Kylie Jenner is reportedly planning to sue a fat-burning company for 'deceiving unsuspecting consumers' into believing its product is the key to her curves. TMZ reports that a fat-freezing billboard advert for the company was put up in Los Angeles, California over the weekend and on it is a model that looks a lot like Kylie.

Jenner has reportedly launched her legal team to have the billboard campaign taken down.

On the other hand, Shoreline Wellness Centers and MDS Med Spa, the companies behind the Dr FatOff advert, have hit back. Lawyers from the firm have since responded to the allegation with a letter to Jenner's legal team and it clearly states the model on the billboard is actually Cassandra Groscost, 'an employee and daughter of one of the managers of the companies. Cassandra was not used based on any similarity in appearance to Ms. Jenner.'

Ed Meyer, the representative for Dr. FatOff, has also told TMZ that the billboard is staying up.

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