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Only Nicki Minaj could bat her eyelashes, drop some hints on Twitter, and somehow work a Harambe reference and a spot-on M.I.A. impression into a late-afternoon surprise.
On September 4, Minaj released "The Pink Print Freestyle," a slow-burning track that segues from Minaj's intent flow to the eruption of a dancehall din. She begins by shouting out Lil Wayne, thanking him for "signing a little chick from Queens" over a slow, steady beat, and Young M.A, too. (As XXL notes, "The Pink Print Freestyle" has Minaj rhyming over the Brooklyn rapper's "OOOUUU" instrumental track.) She counts her accomplishments, and her cashed checks, and no one doubts her when she casually writes off her competition, saying she's "dragging these hoes like Harambe with the kid."
The tone and speed get a change-up just before the four-minute mark, and that's when she invokes "Paper Planes," cops a British accent, and makes no mention of any birds whatsoever.
The reason for the shout-out? It has less to do with mocking or praising M.I.A. and more to do with wordplay, as Minaj chants "I make bitches go M.I.A." plenty through the end of the track. M.I.A. did say that Minaj "runs hip-hop" back in the day, so it appears that the good vibes stay current.

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