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The wedding pictures that’s got people talking

Shaquana (top) and Andrew (below) with their trains

According to general belief, If you aren’t the bride, ‘do not wear white!’ is one of the five wedding don’ts, as it is thought that wearing white to a wedding can rub off on a lot of people the wrong way and could offend the bride.

However, a lot of people think this is an old-fashioned rule and new bride, Shaquana is one of them.

Shaquana, who got married to her beau, Andrew last weekend, let her bridesmaids dress in all white, making it hard to identify who the bride was.

Ladies would you allow your bridesmaid rock the same outfit as yours?

Check the wedding photos.

Shaquana and her bridesmaids wore white (top), though the bridesmaids wore black in another picture (below)
Shaquana and Andrew
The couple and their train dab.

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