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Ice Prince’s “Excellency” director says #j2tw is his best album yet

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In just over two weeks (9 days at the time of writing) Ice Prince will be releasing his newest studio album, titled “Jos 2 the World”. The singer and rapper has been teasing this album for months and even gave us a taste of what we can expect in the form of several singles and music videos.

One of these videos was “Excellency” which was hailed as one of the most creative videos of the year.


The director behind the video, Don Picasso, was recently in South Africa where he took the time to speak to several media outlets. He managed to share his thoughts on Ice Prince’s upcoming album during an interview with and he described it as Ice Prince’s “Best to date”. Don Picasso said:

“I have had the privilege of hearing quite a few tracks and I was present for some of the studio session of the tracks that made the cut of the album. You can expect to hear new sounds from Ice Prince, in my opinion J2TW is definitely the most genre versatile album he has ever put out and the best to date.”

Now we really can’t wait for the album to come out!

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