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Revenge? Rihanna reportedly wants to collaborate with Drake’s nemesis, Meek Mill

Rihanna be thinking about getting Meek on a song.
New word on the street has it that Rihanna wants to work with Meek Mill!
At least now that she has split with Drake and he’s busy hanging with Taylor Swift, she’s looking to hit the studio with his rival.

New reports claim Rihanna thinks people need to put a little more respect on Meek Mill’s name. She heard his new mixtape and thought it was on fire! She loves it. She loves how raw and passionate his words are – and definitely wants to get some studio time with him and brainstorm on a collaboration.

A source told HollywoodLife, ‘She feels that together the two of them could really make some stuff that would make hip hop pop! That seems to be the new thing, stepping outside the box, working with different artists from different genres and merging the two and making music. Rihanna loves that idea and will not be outdone by anyone.’
Even Meek Mill never expected it.
Even Meek Mill never expected it.
This however, would also be a total swipe at Drizzy, who has been beefing with Meek for a year and a half now.
The beef between Meek Mill and Drake is still very much alive!
The beef between Meek Mill and Drake is still very much alive!
We definitely can’t blame RiRi – not after hearing Meek’s DC4 mixtape, which is dope by the way.

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