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From 6-pack to moobs: Usher pictured loosening wife’s extensions without signature packs

This is the Usher we used to know – but the singer’s added a lot of weight.
When you hear the name Usher, the thought of ripped abs and a string of hit songs comes to mind.
But it seems the 38-year-old singer has eased up on the crunches these days, swapping a six-pack for a dad bod.

This isn’t the Usher we used to know.
The ‘OMG’ singer was pictured on the beach in yellow trucks while on holiday with friends in Mexico on Tuesday.
He was joined by a group of friends and his wife, Grace Miguel as they enjoyed a day on a private island.
As seen here…
And here.

Usher and his wife, Grace – who is 10 years his senior – met in 2009 and have been married since 2015.
But the part that got us was what we least expected – where the singer was pictured loosening his wife’s extensions.

Guess the act is everywhere – helping your spouse loose their hair.
While Usher did his best it quickly became obvious that it was quite a big job, so pal Paula joined in the hair mission.
Eventually all of Grace’s braids were removed just in time to hop back on the boat and return to their villa.
Talk about couple goals.

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