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Katy Perry accidentally flashes her bare a** to viewers during livestream on instagram

Katy Perry has been livestreaming her entire weekend, showing fans a glimpse of her life to promote her new album Witness and during one of such live broadcasts, the singer accidentally (or maybe not) exposed her bum.
The Dark Horse singer moved into an apartment fitted with 42 cameras for the weekend to enable her livestream her life while promoting the album. At a point, as the 32-year-old was getting massaged, she accidentally flashed her bare buttocks. Covered with nothing but a towel, the singer was lying on a massage table when she turned slightly, revealing her pert posterior to viewers.
The week-long watchathon saw Katy disclose which of her ex-boyfriends was best in bed. Plenty of guests stopped by at the house during Katy's livestream, including Sia, Dita Von Teese, RuPaul, Anna Kendrick, Gordon Ramsey, Caitlin Jenner and pal James Corden. James Corden had a chat with Katy on Saturday and asked her to rank her exes, Diplo, John Mayer and Orlando Bloom on how good they were in bed.
Katy said DJ Diplo, who she dated in 2014, was her least favorite partner as regards bedroom antics.
She gave the second position to Orlando Bloom who she just broke up with early this year. John Mayer, with whom Katy shared an on-and-off relationship for about three years, was the number one on her list of the best lover. She, however, added that all her ex-lovers were amazing in bed.

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