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E-money Exposes Miss Olivia Okibe & Her Partner On Plans To Blackmail Him(pics)


After 042report Nigeria and Yabaleft Reported earlier today That Enugu Lady, Okibe Olivia called out her ex-boyfriend on Facebook, cursing him with all passion!
We Now decided to dig deep on this matter to know the main truth.
And Found Out It Was A Total BlackMail.

Monday Ani Fb Profile

E-Money Writes;

Actually I don't have time to come here to reply this frustrated fools seeking attention on Facebook. But I don't just like her to be fooling her friends and other innocent young girls. This is why I am trying to reveal the real identity of that phone number (08066882331). His Facebook name is Monday Ani; that is her evil partner; she have partnered with this fool called Monday Ani to blackmail me again. But one thing she failed to know is that am technically smarter than her entire generation.
Continue fooling yourself, Facebook frustrated strumpet. I can never in my life dia your number, not even talk more of calling you. Over my dead body. I can't even save your phone number in my phone book; tifiakwa.
For those of you girls following her, she will soon damage your own images the same way she did to herself; you people should continue following the most rejected and frustrated prostitude of our time.
As for you Monday Ani, I have found your profile; so be ready to impersonate my name as you have been answering peoples call telling them that your Electronic Money, continue you hear. But bear it in mind that you have bought market for yourself because of a chip ashawo that I just tried to help.
As for you dirty Olivia Okibe, am done with you; I don't go backward, I only move forward. I can never in my life have anything to with you again. I am not stupid like you and your team. Let me continue my project because your not part of my problem... Good luck to you in your foolish hotel to hotel business. Rejected and frustrated strumpet.

We Searched the number on Truecaller and Contacted Mr Monday on phone Which all confirmed this was a Total blackmail.

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