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Iyanya calls fan ‘jobless’ for correcting him over using ‘Illuminati sign’

The social media space is now filled with different drama almost on a daily basis with celebs now hitting back at fans who call them out for one reason or the other.
The latest episode is that of Iyanya, who yesterday posted the photo above while making a reverse peace sign with his pose.

A fan and Instagram user identified as Papoose Money however called out the ‘Oreo’ singer asking him to stop using the sign as it is allegedly a sign used by ‘Illuminati’ members.
Iyanya IG1

Iyanya came back at the fan, calling him ‘jobless’.
Iyanya IG2

Papoose however stood his ground while encouraging Iyanya to portray himself more appropriately as a public figure.
Iyanya IG3

Some other fans indicated i the comments that they also believe Papoose is jobless and simply got what he deserved.
Does he really deserve such clap back and is Iyanya justified?