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Oya Dab! Bill Gates gets hip with the college kids

Bill Gates
During his time visiting schools, Bill Gates was fortunate enough to learn the buzzing dance move.
Bill Gates may be at the top of the business game, but it looks like some college students could teach him a thing or two about dabbing.
Gates tweeted a photograph of himself dancing with students, bringing back a very hip move: The Dab.
Gates also included a link to his blog post, in which he wrote, ‘Last month, I had the chance to sit down in Seattle with administrators from two outstanding institutions Johnson C. Smith University and Delaware State University who are experimenting with exciting new ways to serve these at-risk students.’
During his time visiting schools, he was fortunate enough to meet some of the students.
Turns out they had a lot to teach him, dance moves included.
We hope Bill Gates continues working on his dance skills, dabbing his way through future college visits Lol.