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Jay Z and Beyonce spotted on a night out, continue to douse marriage trouble rumours

No pressure...Jay Z and Beyonce working things out. Photo: Filed
No pressure…Jay Z and Beyonce working things out.

Like Shanica KnowlesBeyonce‘s cousin – recently suggested, Jay Z might already be showing more commitment to his marriage with the singer in a bid to mend their alleged marriage crack.

The power couple were recently spotted on a date night in ‘high spirits’, enjoying a night out dinner at Del Posto in New York City.

As the duo feasted on their Italian menu, they ‘had no quiet moments’ as they chatted away over the course of their meal, a source revealed to E!Online.

The couple on their night out. Photo:E!online
The couple on their night out.

‘They showed some affection during their night out,’ the source is quoted as saying. ‘Jay held her hand in and out of the restaurant, but inside they sat close and looked like they were enjoying each other’s company.’

‘Beyoncé had a big beautiful smile on her face as she was looking and talking to her husband during the meal,’ the source further revealed. ‘They looked like a happy couple who were having a great date night.’

The couple after their dinner, were also reportedly very nice to all the staff that worked at the food outlet and even left a generous tip as they left ‘looking happy’.

All is seemingly well in the couple’s camp after all…