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Kim Kardashian gets $700K for selfies with guests at a party

Kim at a party
Who wouldn’t pay to take a selfie with Kim?

In addition to her already fat bank account, Kim Kardashian was apparently paid an astonishing sum of $700,000 just for taking selfies with social media influencers at a party in The Hamptons, New York.

Considering how much she loves taking selfies, it comes as no surprise that she has found a way to make money out of it. $700,000 though?

kim at party
This cost only $700,000

The 35 year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, accompanied by her bestie, Jonathan Cheban, flew in for the elite party in a private jet last weekend.

Kim Kardashian
Kim taking a picture with a social media influencer at the party
The party took place in The Hamptons, New York.
I would look much happier if I was being paid that much
Is it me or does she look a little bored in these pictures?
kim party
Come on, smile Kim!

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