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Again, so many bridges had been burnt that it would be near impossible to rekindle the magic that they shared in yesteryears

The Okoye brothers

For the better part of a year, the warring triad of P-Square and their older brother/manager, Jude, had gone to incredible lengths to prove that one brother is the evil while the other was the hapless victim.

Fans had suspected that all was not well in Squareville since 2013 when Jude mysteriously missed his flight from Ghana thereby being absent at his brother Peter’s wedding.

A year later at his own wedding. Peter was also conspicuously absent. It therefore wasn’t a surprise- albeit it was shocking- when all was let loose by Peter and Paul and then Jude.

The long and short of the matter was, P-Square had reached a final destination. Peter Okoye became Mr. P and floated his own record label. Paul Okoye made a sobfest of a song, Call Heaven where he practically invoked the spirit of their dearly departed mother.

One half of P-Square
One half of P-Square, Paul Okoye

However, two months ago, Peter feebly attempted to break Nigerian internet by posting a fifteen second video where he ‘apologized to the fans’ for the breakup and announced a reunion.

‘P-Square is back’, he said.

This should be great news. But it’s a little too late.

When the brothers were airing each other out, they should have considered that they might not hate each other forever and a future reunion might not be out of place. By giving all those lengthy interviews, recounting what Peter had done for Paul and how Jude was not part of the initial group, they had all but demystified the magic they commanded the airwaves with for over ten years. Fans now know that they’re not that special.

Again, so many bridges had been burnt that it would be near impossible to rekindle the magic that they shared in yesteryears. Although this may not entirely be their fault as the boys had grown into married men- living together with their various wives and children was not feasible. That said, the chemistry would have faded no doubt and their earlier breakup has worsened things.

Furthermore, what role will Jude play now? It’s obvious that there is no love lost between him and Peter while Paul still holds him in high regard. Will he now manage one half of P-Square while the other shows no respect for him, either professionally or as an elder sibling? Your guess is as good as mine.

They say 20 children cannot play for 20 years. This has never been truer in this case. While it serves a romantic role to have the brothers kiss and make up; in reality a happy ending is only a pipe dream.

There’s no bigger example than the Jackson 5. After Michael’s departure and subsequent worldwide stardom, the group quietly faded into the background while each brother tried to make a living away from the spotlight. It wasn’t until Michael Jackson’s 25th anniversary celebration that the old group performed together for the first time in 20 years.

P-Square should have saved the reunion for a few years down the line. This one is too early, too forced and sadly, the audience has had just about enough of their telemundo. Indifference is worse than hatred. Right now, P-Square fans are indifferent to their ‘comeback’.

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