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I decided to check out other comments, but could more than 30 people be wrong?

Toby Grey

On an idle noon, while looking for some juicy topics to whet my appetite with, I decided to check out the trending section on Nairaland and came across this thread. A  fan of an upcoming Nigerian artiste created the thread probably out of love or idleness, I don’t know.

At first, I hissed and murmured ‘One of those meaningless threads’, then due to instinctive stimulation, I decided to check out other comments, expecting some very brutal comments fired against the original poster. Contrary to my expectation, I discovered others were also acknowledging the brilliance of the artiste. Sounded too good to be true, but could more than 30 people be wrong?

I then decided to give it a shot, at least I was on wifi and data wasn’t a problem. I googled up the artiste and got a couple of results from big sites, which I never expected though. I jumped on NotJustOK and downloaded a track, balanced my ass on my sofa as I connected my PC to my deck to feel the so-called ‘gbedu wey dey burst brain’.

After about four minutes of smiling at my PC as I nodded to the rhythm of the track, I had to confess that it was really worth the hype. Out of my busy schedule, battling with some opposing strings of life, I had to find time to script this down to encourage someone, Toby Grey, an artiste that just got my mind.

I will be as plain as possible, as straight-to-the-point as expected and as simple as I can. Success they say doesn’t come in a rush, likewise making limelight doesn’t happen in a blink, it appears you are not just starting, I care not to know, just make sure you are not too dull with the progress.

Music industry these days is all about making use of the opportunity when you are still relevant, people are beginning to feel you now, make sure you bombard them with some more productions, don’t let your matter be like that of Chuddy K, who released one hit track and went off to God-knows-where for months. Keep striking the target point when you are relevant, I await a new release from you within a month.

Moreover, you might want to start considering the Olamide and Lil Kesh’s style; like it or not, that’s what goes viral fast in Nigeria. Implement some Young John’s products or related ones, go freaking commercial, even though it might not be totally.

More importantly, your social media presence is weak, even though It’s easy to get lost, sidetracked and overwhelmed in social media, the best artistes don’t joke with social media. I have more probability to consider you for a show if I see that your social media fan base is helluva huge, it means people love what you do. You don’t need to be everywhere, but Instagram and Twitter is something you shouldn’t joke with, create controversies, people hate it, but at the same time, they like it! An Instagram contest works wonders in boosting your reach, give it a shot.

Last bullet,  expect so many discouragements in your career, it’s pretty inevitable, isn’t it? But only you can choose where you let your thoughts go – upon the trauma and injustice or upon the possibilities in your musical career. Only you can choose who you surround yourself with – those who support and uplift you or those who feed your misery and encourage your discouragements. Only you have the choice to keep walking forward or to surrender to disappointments and drift away, keep giving it the shots, continue pushing forward.

I might be a confused blogger who, according to people, will juxtapose some random consonants and vowels just to garner attention, but think about my opinions. Sure, the choices are meaningful, but it’s yours. Think about how empowering that is! Let my words infuse you, let it pour liquid steel through your spine. You have got power, you can sing, you can blow.

There might be deserts (not desserts :p) in this music industry but there will also be unexpected streams hidden in those barren places. They will sustain you, and see you through to the next resting place. You can beat this. I know it, I see the warrior within you. You are a fighter!


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