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Nicki Minaj in career crisis

Nicki Minaj is in the middle of a career crisis. Sources reveal that she has been trying to move into becoming a mainstream actress, but it’s not working because of her bad reputation.
She is reported to have tried getting a judge role with The Voice but got rejected due to issues at American Idol with Mariah Carey. Her recent controversies (beefs and attitude) is drastically affecting her reputation and career. This had her really pissed her off especially considering Miley Cyrus’ presence on the show recently.

Her show was going to be used for her to crossover and to expand her mainstream/non-urban audience in general but her show deal was cancelled because of her brothers underage rape scandal.
Her quest in pursuing major (non-urban) roles since Barbershop met a brick wall the production team of Oceans 8 ended up going with Rihanna instead.

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