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Over 2 decades after, see why ‘Home Alone’ is still the best Christmas movie

Home Alone
A scene from the all-time classic movie ‘Home Alone’
It’s hard to believe that it has been that long since the fresh-faced Macaulay Culkinappeared in Home Alone as Kevin, the precocious eight-year-old who got left behind as his family took a trip to Paris for Christmas.
The movie might have come out in 1990 and Culkin might look like a crackhead rather than the adorable boy that later featured in a Michael Jackson video, but there’s hardly a movie about Christmas that brings so many memories like Home Alone.

Let’s take you through the classic film and give you something to take you through the day.

Kevin’s excitement about living alone is the dream of many young people

When he wakes up and discovers that his family has forgotten him at home, he runs through the whole house in excitement. Who doesn’t want to have a whole house to himself?

His grooming routine is goals. #Winning

Ultimate baby boy!

I mean wouldn’t you want to do what you want without interference from parents?

Netflix and chill well before Netflix knew it would ever be.

But then adulting comes at you real quick

Can’t one just be forever young, even while still young?

And then you have to deal with people who want to take your stuff

Like the burglars that wanted to rob Kevin’s house.

But your house is your house; you must defend it

Scout’s honour!

So Kevin unveils a grand plan to foil the robbers

Never underestimate a boy’s imagination.

And boy was it funny! Who didn’t laugh when the burglars started to suffer?

They kept falling for Kevin’s devious traps

It didn’t stop

Although some were extreme sha. Like the spider that jumped on this man’s face

And when one of them had his head burned by fire

Eventually Kevin’s luck ran out and the thieves caught him

But not for long: Kevin was rescued by the scary old man that lived close by

They became friends afterwards.

Then the police came and arrested the burglars

Everyday for the thief, one night for the owner.

Soon after Kevin was reunited with his family

His mother was beyond anxious all the while the rest of the family was in Paris.
No matter what age you are, Home Alone is still one of the best movies to see in the Christmas season.
The laughs it encourages and the messages it imparts keep the comedy relevant even after more than two decades.
While its sequels might not be as good, you can always depend on Home Alone to bring in the Christmas cheer today.

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