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The Headies 2016 from a first timer’s view

The 2016 Headies began late yet again
The 2016 Headies started late yet again
After finding out I would get the opportunity to go for the Headies this year, I was so excited based on the presumption it would be filled with both the drama and stars as I had seen on TV in the other years.
I thought it would be fun and honestly didn’t mind losing out on my precious sleep.
The thing is, it wasn’t terrible but it was not amazing either. It didn’t meet up with the standard for the Headies one had come to know and hear about.

At some point I had to start wondering if I had set the bar too high for the Headies this year but finally concluded that I really had not.

Was it too much to expect seeing the artistes around at least long enough to collect their own awards? It got to a time, I had to ask if we had come to the Headies to watch the stage or the artistes collect their awards.
Talking about all the things that went wrong will inadvertently turn this piece into a rant, so I will move on to the good things.
These are the things that made me almost ready to forgive all other faults, ‘almost’.
Adesua and Falz's chemistry on the Headies stage was second to none
Adesua and Falz’s chemistry on the Headies stage was second to none
It is at this very juncture that I must take the time to acknowledge the amazing Falz and the incredibly talented Adesua.
They had this amazing chemistry, their skits were funny, they performed a couple of songs amazingly, they looked wonderful together, and had no grammatical errors. What else can we ask for?
Then the performances: I adored the fact that we had a throwback moment with the Remedies: Tony TetuilaEedris Abdulkareem and Eddy Remedy, as well as from Jazzman Olofin.
Daddy Showkey owned the stage with his performance too.
Then we got a glimpse of what the future in music will be like from performances by Next Rated nominees Aramide and Humblesmith.
The sultry performance by Seyi Shay was amazing, though, it would have been nice if her fashion was in line.
And that touching performance by 2face Idibia as a tribute to those who died in the industry just slayed. The use of a live band and Flavour‘s closing performances crowned the night.
The mother of all goodness that I took a personal liking to, was Wizkid‘s seemingly unplanned grand entrance and the side drama that ensued after.
His entrance (might I add, at a very late time) caused a major disruption and it seems that the audience forgot all that was happening on stage just to welcome the superstar.

Then Starboy just had to curve someone, it wasn’t intentional though because the guy had jumped the gun.
Now to the less pleasant things because, I can’t help myself. All these artistes think it is cool to stand up their fans but it really isn’t.
The only reason people will pay money and forsake their sleep is so they get the opportunity to see their stars in person.
Thus deciding to not turn up is not a good message to the people who basically made you.
The whole world knows that without the fans, musicians will be no where. This is a wake up call to all the recording artistes – you can never be too big for your fans. You, yes you, I’m talking to you, you know yourself.

And if you are going to present, at least make sure you know the format, your audience shouldn’t be correcting you.
Then this is one thing that annoyed me, if 2face can get to an event on time and take the time to present an award to you, shouldn’t you be there to collect it?
It is disrespectful to not show up to pick an award from such an icon and then not have the courtesy to apologise when you get there. Also, what is it with celebrities and ‘African time’?
There is no such thing as ‘African time’ and it speaks poorly on the character of a person or an organisation to believe in it.
Finally, if you are going to wear a dress, make sure it doesn’t look like you tied two wrappers together or borrowed material from your old furniture.
P.S: What did you guys think about the award  winners in some categories, regardless of whether or not it was a voting category?
I would honestly like to know your stand on the winners of the awards.

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