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Kim Kardashian fans couldn’t contain their joy when their queen finally returned to social media

Kim Kay
Kim Kardashian
36-year-old Kim Kardashian, in her time as a reality star, has done nothing but amass an enviable amount of fame for herself.
Today, she just might be the most talked about woman in the world, as everything she does is news.
Sometime in October, she was robbed at gunpoint while visiting Paris for the city’s fashion week and has been off her beloved social media ever since then, but for a few appearances in family photos towards the end of 2016.

Just yesterday however, she finally made a brave return first to her app, where she posted an adorable home video of her family. Then to Twitter and Instagram to share a photo that equally squashed those divorce rumours that have been trailing her and hubby, Kanye, for good.

Her fans could not hold back their excitement and they took to Twitter to express their joy.
‘Seeing @KimKardashian on social media and knowing she’s doing well made my year already. im so ready for this new kim.’ One went.
‘I really cried when I seen that @KimKardashian put a post on Instagram. Like I missed her.’ Another excited fan exclaimed.
‘I’m so happy that @KimKardashian took the break she needed and is finally well enough to be back on social media. So happy she’s back.’
‘When I tell you my heart STOPPED when I got that notification saying new tweet from @KimKardashian,’ said one clearly obsessed fan.
Some even went as far as calling the day historic and the beginning of better things to come in 2017.
‘Jan 3 2017 is a historical day. Chris Brown and Soulja boy start beef, Kim Kardashian returns to Twitter, and Janet jackson has baby at 50.’
‘A lot happened today January 3rd 2017; Soulja boy & Chris Brown fought. Kim Kardashian came back to twitter, Janet Jackson gave birth at 50.’
‘Kim Kardashian returned to Twitter, I knew it was going to be a good year.’
On and on the comments went.
In a not-so-typical fashion, Kim decided to reply her beloved fans, telling them she’d missed them too and she wished them all the best.
Kim K
Kim comments
We are glad she’s back. Welcome back, Kimmie!

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