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JAY-Z & Beyoncé’s Twins Were Reportedly Premature, Are “Under The Lights”

JAY-Z and Beyoncé’s remain in hospital.
The “minor issue” that has supposedly plagued JAY-Z and Beyoncé’s newborn twins has been revealed. According to a TMZ report, their twins were premature and are allegedly “under the lights” in order to normalize. This information was obtained by sources close to the family. Apparently, Beyoncé did not go full-term; she announced her pregnancy in February.

The newborns have been in the hospital since their birth a week ago. Sources would not go into more detail, but being “under the lights” often means that there is jaundice present in the babies because of high bilirubin levels. The lights are supposed to lower bilirubin in the blood, which in turn helps eliminate the jaundice. It is reportedly common among premature babies and mostly a non-serious issue.

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