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Diddy's Ex Kim Porter Defends His Dad Body, Says He's Just Healthy


How exactly does Diddy do it; that his exes are at peace with him and defend him often? It's really a mystery.
One of Diddy's baby mamas, Kim Porter, was at the airport with her twin daughters when a paparazzo walked up to her and showed her a photo of Diddy with his protruding belly. Diddy suffered serious dad bod shaming when the photos of him on a yacht surfaced last week. A lot of people said he had let himself go and the paps wanted to know what Kim thought.

"Do you think it's official, based on these photos, that Diddy's got a dad body." the paps asked.
"No, Diddy is living the good life," She answered.
She added: "He eating and living good."
The interviewer also tried to get her to reveal more, by asking her if she didn't think it was double standards that men can let their body go but women are required to keep in shape. He also used JAY-Z's dad bod as an example, but Kim refused to be pulled in and continued to defend her children's father.
She said: "I don't think they are trying to impress anybody... They are healthy."

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