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Lil Wayne – Quasimodo

Download mp3 Lil Wayne Quasimodo mp3 download

Here is a leaked audio of “Quasimodo” by .

 had posted the song online and it appears to be a complete track that got Weezy spitting some cool bars.
Quotable Lyrics:
I pull the cash out scream Y.O.L.O
To I get a sore throat I scream Y.O.L.O
Niggas come masked up like Zoro
Fvck your b!tch on the lean that’s a slow poke
Then i’m scoping the scene like a Go Pro
N!ggas know what I mean keep it low pro
I just stick and move like a pogo
Then I laugh to the bank, n!gga no joke
DOWNLOAD MP3 Lil Wayne Quasimodo 

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